Update from Jared Mees 06/08/2022

About a month after the race at I-70 Speedway in Odessa, MO we came to our first mile of the season in Lexington, KY dubbed the Red Mile. It was also a doubleheader event. The double header weekends can really make you or break you because there are a lot of points up for grabs. The Red Mile in the past has been good to me as I’ve stood on top of the box at the previous three we’ve had. This was also our first mile event with the restrictors on the Indian, so we knew it’d be a challenge.

After the very first practice, I saw just how tough it was as I came in almost half off from the Yamahas who don’t have to run restrictors. It was the first time on a mile that I think I was down that far on the charts. The track started to change and we started to make some adjustments. We ended up fast qualifying it, but it was mainly by playing my cards right with the draft. In the heat race I had some drama with JD Beach as we touched going into turn 3. We smoothed it over later, but I ended up getting a 2nd in heat race and the Mission #2Fast2Tasty Challenge.

In the main, I was battling again with JD and his engine went south so I quickly had to deal with the Rookie Dallas Daniels. We played cat and mouse nearly the entire race and on the white flag I knew I had to make a move. I was able to lead it off of turn 4 with a big gap, but I got nipped at the line by Dallas and he grabbed his first win of his career.

On Day 2, we qualified 2nd and won the heat race with a good gap. I had a good battle in the Mission #2Fast2Tasty Challenge with Dallas again and Davis Fisher was poking around. I ended up getting the win in the Challenge and Davis was 2nd. For the main event, I was in another dog fight with Dallas. I basically hung tight on the back of his wheel as getting by down the straights seemed really tough. Those Yamahas definitely had some power. On the last lap going down the backstretch I started to inch by then all the sudden it got really easy. I was able to come around and grab the win, seeing that Dallass engine expired on the last lap. All in all, it was a solid weekend for me with a 2nd place the first night and win on the second night.

We extended our point lead to 22. Our next event is this coming weekend in Loudon, NH during Laconia Bike Week!