Fire & Ice Saddle

US PatentAnother Corb-innovation! This new version of our popular Dual Touring saddle is the World’s first production Heated AND Cooled motorcycle seat*. Corbin was first to bring the luxury of heated seating to your motorcycle and now we’ve created an option for relief of your burnin’ bum during the Summer. Like all Corbin break throughs, this system is designed for simple installation and is fully self contained in the saddle. Simplicity, Form and Function all wrapped up in one neat package.

Mr C picked up a cool thermal imaging device and we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play around with the nifty gadget. Although the color time lapse above is interesting to watch, the gray-scale comparison at right actually tells the story more concisely. The two images in this comparison were shot just seven minutes apart with the first image being on “Cool” and the second image flipped to “Heat”. In these images, dark is cold and white is hot… Click the thumbnail and take a peek.


The Fire & Ice system is specifically designed into the saddle from the ground up. As such we are not able to add cooling to existing heated seats. We will be working on an ever widening range of applications including Indian Motorcycles, BMW Motorcycles and more. If you think there’s a bike that really could use the Fire & Ice treatment, feel free to drop us a line using this form: CLICK HERE.

Fire & Ice switchAbout Fire & Ice: Ever hear of the Peltier Effect? If so, you’ve probably already figured out the basics of how the Corbin Fire & Ice system works. With just a couple of fans and some clever application we can include both heat and cool in the same saddle without pumps, compressors or fluids. It should be noted the cooling effect is affected by ambient temperature. In our samples the room temperature was 74 degrees and it took just a few minutes to cool the seating surfaces down to a chilly 63 degrees. In our continued tests, the system quickly cooled the surface 10-15 degrees below ambient temperature. On the heat side we thermostatically set it to top out at approximately 110 degrees.

Installation is simple as the heat/cool units and all other components are built inside the seat. All you have to do it supply 12v current to make it work. We include a nifty pigtail that integrates with your factory fusebox in order to accomplish this. Detailed installation information is provided with each specific saddle model.

* Truth be told, we didn’t scour the four corners of the Earth to confirm this, but we’re pretty sure it’s the first. There’s always a chance Tony Stark is working on something in his lab…