2022 Indian Scout GTO

Win this Corbin Project Bike

Mike donated the Scout GTO to be the Grand Prize for the Hope Motorcycle Rally this September! You can enter to win this bike for as little as $20.

We purchased this bike because we had a lot of requests to make the Scout something a rider could take on a road trip. It’s been in R&D most of the time, other than going to a couple rallies so we could show her off. To get to the point, this Scout has less than 100 miles on the ticker! Yes, you read that right… less than 100 miles!

Sure, our team spent time sitting on it while figuring out the fairing, bag and seat combo, but not much road time. Somebody really needs to remedy that situation.

Other than the Corbin additions and the custom red paint (with Gold pearl), this motorcycle is 100% stock as it came from Indian.

Motorcycle includes:

Hope Motorcycle Rally