Paint Colors

We’re adding colors all the time, so if you don’t see your model year and color combination listed, just drop us a line and ask. We try to get a match for all models that we currently produce Saddlebags, Fairings or Smuggler Trunks.

Full Moon Silver
Roadster Red
Millennium Yellow
Timeless Black
Quantum Blue
Pearl Black
Dark Metallic Blue
Charcoal Grey Metallic
Ducati Red
Corbin Gloss Black
Color Model
Royal Blue Multiple
Mineral Silver K1600 GT
Vermilion Red K1600 GT
Lt Grey Metallic Multiple
BMW Gloss Black  Multiple
Thunder Gray  Multiple
Dark Graphite Gray Metallic  Multiple
Crystal Gray Metallic  Multiple
Deep Blue Metallic  Multiple
Magnesium Beige  Multiple
Ostra Gray  Multiple
Polar Silver  Multiple
Cosmic Blue  Multiple
Kalahari Beige  Multiple
Indigo Blue K1200 S
Sun Yellow K1200 S
Red/Orange R-11
Phoenix Grey  Multiple
Titan Silver  Multiple
Yellow R-11
Grey Metallic R-11
Canyon Red Metallic  Multiple
Frost Blue  Multiple
Blue / Grey Metallic  Multiple
Pacific Blue  Multiple
Ivory  Multiple
Mauve Pearl K-12
Canyon Red  Multiple
Basalt Grey  Multiple
Champagne Pearl  Multiple
Toscana Green  Multiple
Impala Brown  Multiple
Marakesch Rot R-11
Delphin Blau Metallic K-12
Boston Green R-12
Tartan Green K-12
Corbin Gloss Black All Applications
Color Model
Black Metallic  X code 903  Multiple
Deep Red Met. (Black Cherry) code 918  Multiple
Silver #3 code 791  Multiple
Deep Purplish Blue (Cobalt) code 996  Multiple
Cobalt Blue / Silver Two-Tone V-Rod
Purple Ice / Turquoise Softail
Dark Metallic Blue  Multiple
Silver Street Rod
Pearl Yellow V-Rod
CVO Red Pearl V-Rod
Candy Sunglow Red  Multiple
Charcoal Silver / Ghost Flames / Blue Pearl CVO Roadking
Mirage Orange  Multiple
Pearl Black  Multiple
Magenta V-Rod
Scarlet Red  Multiple
Copper  Multiple
Blue Sunglow  Multiple
Corbin Gloss Black All Applications
Color Model
Pearl White VFR
Candy Glory Red VFR
Asphalt VFR
Force Silver Metallic VFR
Italian Red VFR
Yellow VFR
Pearl Red VFR
Cosmic Black  Multiple
Silver CBR-XX
Candy Red CBR-XX
Titanium  Multiple
Candy Blue CBM-XX
Darkness Black Metallic  Multiple
Gloss Black VTX models
Durango Red  Multiple
Illusion Blue  Multiple
Jupiter Orange Candy VTX models
Illusion Red  Multiple
Orion Silver Metallic VTX models
Uranium Green VTX models
Sunburst Orange Pearl VTX models
Stream Silver Metallic  Multiple
Challenger Brown (Titanium)  Multiple
Kelley Magenta Metallic  Multiple
Billet Silver VTX models
Nova Blue  Multiple
Corona Blue  Multiple
Portland Gray  Multiple
Kelly Magenta  Multiple
Colombia Blue VTX models
Orange Candy VTX models
Candy Black Cherry  Multiple
Double Clear Black  Multiple
Candy Wine ST 1100
Tower Silver Metallic  Multiple
Pearl Coronado Blue  Multiple
Digital Silver ST 1300
Corbin Gloss Black All Applications
Color Model
Pearl Lime Green  Multiple
Metallic Ocean Blue  Multiple
Phantom Silver  Multiple
Galaxy Silver Type 2  Multiple
Metallic Titanium  Multiple
Metallic Ocean Blue  Multiple
Diablo Black Concours
Candy Red Diamond Concours
Neutron Silver Concours
Magma Red Pearl  Multiple
Pearl Black  Multiple
Imperial Red Vulcan
Polaris Blue Vulcan
Atomic Silver Vulcan
Caribbean Blue Vulcan
Canyon Silver  Multiple
Pearl Burnish Beige Vulcan
Pearl Crystal White Multiple
Ruby Red Vulcan
Pearl Majestic Red Vulcan
Metallic Dark Purple Vulcan
Pearl Glacial Blue  Multiple
Ebony Black  Multiple
Metallic Dark Green Vulcan
Pearl Jade Green ZRX
Pearl Black ZRX
Candy Blue  Multiple
Passion Red  Multiple
Candy Lime Green ZX-12R
Candy Red ZX-12R
Lime Green 2003 ZX-12R
Cosmic Red  Multiple
Candy Thunder Blue  Multiple
Plasma Blue ZX-14
Pearl White ZX-14
Passion Red  Multiple
Flat Spark Black ZX-14
Sapphire Blue ZX-14
Moonlight Silver ZZR 1200
Corbin Gloss Black All Applications
Color Model
Candy Sonoma Red  Multiple
Dark Pearl Blue  Multiple
Pearl Deep Blue, code YBA  Multiple
Pearl Nebular Black  Multiple
Oort Gray, code YHG  Multiple
Burning Copper, code YAV  Multiple
Sonic Silver, code YD8  Multiple
Pearl Crystal Red, code YU7  Multiple
Violet Blue  Multiple
Pearl Gloss White  Multiple
Pearl Vigor Blue  Multiple
Candy Red Bandit 1200
Olive Silver Bandit
Dark Green Bandit
Dusk Blue Bandit
Metallic Surf Green Bandit
Barrel Gray Metallic Bandit
Deep Sea Blue Metallic Bandit
Indy Blue Boulevard
Daytona Yellow Boulevard
Metallic Flint Gray Hayabusa
Dark Metallic Gray Hayabusa
Plum Purple, code YAT  Multiple
Phantom Gray Metallic Hayabusa
Candy Max Orange  Multiple
Metallic Space Blue, code Y7H  Multiple
Pearl Splash White  Multiple
Corbin Gloss Black All Applications
Color Model
Burgundy Bonneville
Gold Multiple
Opal White Bonneville
Tangerine Orange Multiple
Lucifer Orange Rocket III
Cardinal Red Multiple
Phantom Black Multiple
Graphite Gray Rocket III
Cherry Red Multiple
Mulberry Red Rocket III
Scorch Yellow Multiple
Eclipse Blue Rocket III
New England White Rocket III
Tribal Blue Rocket III
Charcoal Gray Multiple
Azure Blue Rocket III
Corbin Gloss Black All Applications
Color Model
Champagne Multiple
Bronze Multiple
Yellow with Tribal Hammer
Candy Red Jackpot
Silver Jackpot
Blue with Tribal Jackpot
Silver with Blue Flame Jackpot
Vogue Silver Two-Tone Kingpin
Orange Crush Kingpin
Candy Purple Kingpin
Midnight Blue Kingpin
Pearl White Kingpin
Dark Titanium Kingpin
Solar Red Kingpin
Corbin Gloss Black All Applications
Color Model
Raven Multiple
Cobalt Blue Multiple
Deep Red Metallic Multiple
Silver #3 Multiple
Liquid Silver FJR 1300
Bluish Silver #4 FZ-1 Fazer
Granite Gray FZ-1 Fazer
Titanium (Dark Gray Metallic) Majesty
Dark Purple-Black Multiple
Purplish Blue Metallic Raider
Candy Red with Graphics Raider
Silver Two-Tone Roadliner
Pearl White Roadliner
Sea Shell Silver Roadliner
Black Cherry Multiple
Champagne Roadliner
Copper Roadliner
Charcoal / Bronze Two-Tone Roadliner
Cerullean Silver / Charcoal V-Star
Raspberry Candy V-Star
Cobalt Blue with Tribal Flames Warrior
Silver Warrior
Indigo Warrior
Corbin Gloss Black All Applications

All Corbin parts are available in our standard Gloss Black paint

Some Notes About Paint Color Matching

Color Variations

Color is one of the most emotional issues faced in the refinish & paint business. Everyone has an opinion about color. Unfortunately everyone sees color slightly differently and this can be the cause of discussion. The biggest problem is that of color variants. Cars and motorcycles are no longer produced in fixed colors, but come from the manufacturing plants in a range of shades of a particular color.

Manufacturers & OEMs

At the OEM plants, there are a multitude of reasons why variants may occur. These reasons include the paint system being used, the line speed, line trials, line problems, plant differences and variations in film builds. No matter how hard OEM manufacturers try to duplicate paint results from unit to unit in any given color, there will always be paint variations! No matter how much time and money OEM paint companies spend on making sure their colors are consistent from batch to batch in both OEM paint and refinish formulas, there will always be paint variations.

Paint Maker

Variations in the production of paint can also contribute to variations in a particular color code. As research and technology allow, new chemistries and resins may be introduced into a particular product line at any given time. This may allow for a slight color shift when a plant empties a container of existing material and orders more from the supplier.

Also during the manufacturing process, the potential exists for slight differences in the final product. The manufacturing process requires a lot of equipment, settings, human control, and other factors and any slight change in any one of those components may contribute to the slight deviation. The final paint product may be well within the specifications for that product but be slightly different from a previous batch.

Tracking Variant Formulas

PPG (Corbin’s main paint supplier) monitors color consistency directly at the OEM plants whenever possible and also out in the “real world” of repair centers. This is done through their Parts program by receiving documentation from distributors, customers and internal sales people.

This constant feedback of color information allows PPG to identify colors that consistently do not match the OEM standard. They then create a variation (redder, greener, lighter, darker, etc.) of the Prime formula that will provide a better match in some cases than the prime formula.

When a paint technician is looking up a color using any PPG Color Information System they check to see if a Variant formula exists. This can save a great deal of time and provide better consistency. Corbin uses the PPG TouchMix computer to provide the best possible match to your OEM paint. However, given variances at the OEM level, we cannot guarantee a perfect match at all times.

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