Project Description

2020 Indian Challenger

The latest heavyweight cruiser from Indian Motorcycle.  Naturally the Corbin saddle is hugely popular with riders that are looking to rack up some serious mileage… We design for maximum comfort after all! However, a bike like the Challenger is extremely versatile and is popular for day rides, commuting and just cruising around town too. So we went ahead and designed a variety of saddle models to suit your needs.

2020 Indian ChallengerThe Wall

Fastback tail section combined with a comfortable rider’s area that offers six inches of vertical back support. Gives your bike a clean “bar hopper” look while supporting your body ergonomically. The classic Corbin fastback tail is padded and upholstered so it’s capable of supporting passengers for short trips.


2020 Indian ChallengerThe Widowmaker

Similar to the saddle above, but with a more passenger friendly rear area. This is a great two-up seat for short to medium trips. Both seating areas are neutralized to curb sliding in the seat which reduces fatigue in the long run. Like all Corbin saddles, our exclusive Comfort Cell foam gives long term support. Widowmaker has the option of electric heat in the front seating position.


2020 Indian ChallengerDual Touring Saddle

Dual maximized seating positions with ergonomically designed support to eliminate hot spots. This seat model supports a Corbin removable backrest in both the rider and passenger seating positions for added support and security. Heated seating adds a truly luxurious touch. Like all the saddles shown here, our Dual Tour includes genuine leather seating panels and a wide range of colors and textures available at no added cost.


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