From our friend Steve Zuschin who is currently in Africa supporting Rally for Rangers.

Hello All!!  I thought this email sent on the 10th, but I guess the hotspot we used couldn’t make it happen.   We intended to make updates a bit more frequently, but it’s been pretty difficult to get connected to the internet. 

It has been an action-packed week, we’ve traveled from Windhoek, the capital of Namibia,  to the North, visiting several camps along the way. We saw Giraffes, Zebra, Wildebeest, Rhinos, Baboons, Kudu, warthogs, and so much more. It’s really been incredible. The photos don’t do it justice, but these Giraffes ran along us in the brush, then decided to cross the road, I was lucky enough to be filming and caught it all on Video. I’ll post it once we’re home and share links. 

The lead Ranger, Gerson Muzuma (pictured) is the one we’ve worked with to organize this donation of motorcycles to the Volunteer Rangers here in Namibia. He is from Namibia, born and raised, and has worked very hard to plan our route to the Skeleton Coast National Park, visiting conservation and cultural centers along the way.

On our way North, we stopped at the Grootberg Pass, which opens to a valley where Black Rhinos used to be abundant, however today there are only 5. The Ministry has finally provided a little money to put Rangers in the Valley to protect them, but it’s so sad it had to come to this. Even though they are paid to be posted there, they have no other resources to do their jobs effectively. 

Today we have arrived and will be camping about 20 miles from the town of Purros, which is Elephant country.  Gerson has arranged for us to spend time with the Rangers here that help keep track of the elephants and do their best to make sure there is no poaching activity.

In the town of Purros there is a school with more students than we all expected, we stopped to visit with them all. One of riders coordinated purchasing and donating several hundred note books and pencils to them all, it was a very amazing experience to be part of.  I’ve never scene a 5 year old be more grateful for lined paper than on that stop.

The areas and terrain that these Rangers cover is incredibly challenging and so BIG, I just cannot imagine patrolling it on foot, it’s honestly beyond my comprehension. These bikes will help the Rangers be more effective and safer, covering more ground and  the ability to get help quicker, if needed. 

We’ll send another update as soon as we can, until then, cheers! 

Steve & Billie