It’s Finally Here… sort of.

Our Third-Generation visual seat configurator has been in development for nearly two years, and we’re finally rolling it out this week. This new custom seat creator uses 3D modeling so you can visualize your new seat from any angle and zoom in to get a better feel for the materials you’re choosing for your seat. Material texture and color are enhanced for a more accurate rendering also.

At this time, we are launching this new tool for our Canyon Dual Sport seat models across our website. If your seat model uses the new configurator, you’ll see a graphic like the one above in the Order tab of the product page. Simply click on it, and you’re ready to create in full 3D.

The Corbin development team is hard at work creating more models now so you’ll see this tool popping up in more and more places over the next few months. Up next we’re tackling Dual Touring saddles and will follow that up with the infamous Corbin Gunfighter and Wall seat models.

If you’re curious how it works, you can see a sample of it in action right HERE.