Gathering, An Update

Wow, can you believe this?  The 70th Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance has been postponed until August 15, 2021.

Notice we didn’t say it was “cancelled”… only postponed.  That’s because the good folk at Pebble Beach know that things will return to normal but it may take a little while. Since this fab event brings in rolling art from all over the world, they thought it would be best to make this decision now before entries are loaded up on trucks and boats to make their way to Cali.

So with the postponement of the Concours and the Quail Motorcycle gathering, what does this potentially mean for our beloved Hollister rally? Mike spoke with Hollister’s Mayor to get an idea.

The word he used was “Unlikely”.

We’re thinking this has more to do with not knowing what’s going to happen tomorrow or what the public gathering guidelines will be, than for any interest in stopping the event. As you may recall, earlier this year The City approved a five year deal with promoter Road Shows, so they’re all in for whatever is SAFELY possible.

It goes without saying that Corbin is and will always be 100% on board with Fourth of July festivities in Hollister. Regardless of how things shake out with an official event, we will be doing whatever is safe and legal to celebrate. We’ll keep you updated and we look forward to seeing you this Summer!