Borrowed from the Citrus Coast Chronicle this week.

Gratitude for local veterans can be shown in many different ways.

One Citrus County resident chooses to display his thanks for those who have served by using a more unconventional method of expression.

Justin Krumholtz creates custom-designed motorcycles inspired by the branches of the military to ride and display across both county and state.

Through the combined efforts of his design and others’ expertise, services and equipment, Krumholtz has successfully created a bike inspired by the Air Force, Army and most recently, the Navy.

“These bikes are decorated to honor those who have served,” Krumholtz said. “I dedicate these to all those I know who have been in the Army, Navy or Air Force. I have ridden them all over and displayed them in shows as a tribute to them.”

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As a Navy veteran himself, Mike is especially proud that Justin chose to use a Corbin Warbird body kit for this bike build. Can’t wait to see it in paint!