Click Here to see video BMW R18 – First Edition

Corbin Project Bike for Sale
We purchased this First Edition R18 in order to develop new products. It’s been in R&D since we got it and currently has less than 100 miles on the clock. Yes, you read that right… less than 100 miles! Sure, our guys have spent a lot of time sitting on it while designing seats, but this poor girl is yearning for some road time and you are just the person to make it happen.
Other than the Corbin additions, this motorcycle is 100% stock as it came from BMW. We will also include the nifty First Edition owners pack that was included with the bike (see pics for details).
Available FOB Hollister, California.
Motorcycle purchase will include:
* Corbin Touring Fairing
* Fairing Sound System
* Fleetliner Saddlebags
* Choice of Seat Model
* Lots of Riding Joy
* First Edition Goodies
Value as shown:
R18 First Edition $24,785.35
Touring Fairing $1993.00
Sound System $389.00
Fleetline Saddlebags $2555.00
Corbin Sissybar $293.00
Dual Touring Saddle $907.00
Rider Backrest $328.00
Buy it now for just $23,900