At the Corbin factory, we take a day every year to celebrate the saddlemakers that have been with the company for 20 years. This year four more folks have achieved that milestone and joined the 20 Year Team. That’s 80 YEARS of seat making experience in just this one group!

In addition to making the wall of fame, the anniversary is commemorated with a gold watch. Congratulations to Juan, Carmen, Roberto and Humberto!

If you noticed the wall behind them, it is filled with the plaques of 32 people who have passed this milestone. Four of those have actually surpassed 30 years now! This doesn’t even include Mike Corbin himself.

Interesting math: If you take the plaques just at their face value it adds up to 680 years of seat making experience. But keep in mind that many of those plaques are from prior years so the number is much higher. For example, my own plaque says 20 but I’ve been with Mike for 28 years now… plus there are all our folks that will be making the wall very soon!

That is a lot of experience.