Fredy has sent the Dual Touring seat model off to the molding department already so we weren’t able to get any photos of it. The good news, that means we should have a seat available in a week or so! The real question is whether or not we’ll be able to borrow the bike and take it in the photo studio.

Why is that? Because Vince is cranking along on the saddlebags and undertail full speed. You probably noticed Mike’s Rocket in the background and how it’s not exactly photo ready. I don’t want to be the one responsible for holding up progress on this so we’ll just play it by ear.

The progress has been really good at this point. In the second pic you can barely see the shape of the undertail component on the right side of the image. It’s designed in such a way that the rear wheel can go up past the shock’s bump stop. This is to assure it’s still safe to use if someone installs a shorter shock to lower their bike.

On the left side of the pic you can get an idea for the bag shape. We don’t quite have the top design figured out, but it’s coming along. Rumor has it Vince is trying to make it large enough to hold a full face helmet. That’s a lot of rabbit to pull out of a hat if you ask me.