Focus on burning calories rather than your burnin’ bum!

“We spent a couple of Grand on this thing and only used it about six times… now it’s kind of an expensive coat rack. The seat was just awful.”

Corbin now offers an Active saddle that works on post-mount e-bikes and also many stationary bikes like the Peloton. Let’s face it, sometimes getting on the bike is hard enough, it shouldn’t be painful too. Support your tush while you support your New Year resolution.

Active saddle makes the perfect accessory and a great gift for the Peloton rider in your family*. Order a gift certificate now and they can pick their own colors and materials to make it personal.

Active saddle can be found HERE.

Gift Certificates are HERE.


* Fits on virtually all bicycles and exercise bikes that use a post mount style seat. Corbin Active saddle includes mounting hardware and post adapter.