Rider Appreciation Day 2020

We’ve received a lot of questions about our plans for rally weekend. The news is… There is no news.

We always say that it doesn’t matter whether or not there is an official Hollister Rally, we will always host our little party at the Corbin factory. Unfortunately this whole situation with Covid-19 is a completely different story .

At this time we don’t know what the San Benito County guidelines are going to be regarding public gatherings. Same is true regarding directives from the State of California. So there really is no news at this time.

If it is allowed and we believe it is safe to do so, we will be here with bells on (as my folks used to say).  If The Gov says to nix it, we will comply. We’ll keep you updated here and on our Facebook page though we probably won’t really have an answer until June. It doesn’t leave a lot of time for planning, but we’ll all just wing it.

In the mean time, stay safe and stay healthy.