This, my friends, is the inimitable Johnny’s Bar & Grill in downtown Hollister.

You would be forgiven for not recognizing it even if you have been here for one of the Hollister Rallies. After all, during those weekends you can’t even see the front of the building for the crowd of riders waiting for their turn inside.

Beyond the obvious desire to cool off with a chilled pilsner on a sunny July afternoon, Johnny’s happens to be THE epicenter of the infamous 1947 “Invasion of Hollister.” You know, the event that got all this Hollister Motorcycle Rally thing going… the one that pretty much birthed the whole American Biker image? The one they made that movie The Wild Ones about? …  Is none of this ringing a bell?

Well then, you’d best check-in at Johnny’s for a little history lesson (and perhaps a chilly pilsner). They’ll be open all Independence weekend to celebrate with the folks making their annual pilgrimage to Hollister.

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