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Trimtab® Adjustable Fairings
Corbin's Trimtab Fairing

Exclusive new R & D video from the Corbin lab fully demonstrates Trimtab's ability to deflect and control the wind! See as the stream actually follows the lines of the fairing and over the rider's head! The Trimtab design will change the way you look at motorcycle fairings!

To see it in action, download GIF file (211 kb) or MPEG Video (2.4 mb).

Mike's extensive experience in aerodynamics and the magic touch of the Corbin R&D workshop combine to make a wind management system that functions every bit as good as it looks. Designed to adjust so it will work perfectly for a range of rider statures. This also makes it perfect for different riding applications... Lower it for more aggressive riding or raise it up for additional wind protection and cruising down the highway in comfort.

Trimtab was designed to take control of the wind for rider protection. Our tests found an 8% aerodynamic efficiency gain which you could put to use as more speed or more fuel economy. Naturally this wind management also relieves the pounding you take at highway speeds and makes the bike more stable. Imagine jetting down the highway and not being tired from fighting the wind!

H O W   I T   W O R K S

Corbin's Trimtab Fairing
Without a fairing of some sort on the motorcycle, the rider takes the full brunt of the wind while trying to move through the air mass. This creates heavy turbulence against the rider's body and puts strain on your back and arms while you fight against it. End product: Fatigue! This buffeting gets exponentially worse as speeds increase and makes the motorcycle more susseptible to cross winds. Naturally you also become a human fly swatter as every flying meatball in your path splats against you.

Corbin's Trimtab Fairing The traditional windscreen is mounted at the front of the motorcycle where it breaks the air mass and takes pressure off your body. They are marginally better aerodynamically than having no windscreen. The forward positioning makes the front end unstable at higher speeds since wind pressure is forward of the steering head. It also creates a large, turbulent vacuum behind the fairing that can actually pull you forward and cause your helmet to lift. This is why you'll find dead bugs on your tank and lap after a long ride.

Corbin's Trimtab Fairing
Corbin's Trimtab takes control of the wind and directs it rather than trying to shove it out of the way. This is where we gain aerodynamic efficiency. Trimtab shaping creates a laminar flow that is directed over the rider's head and to the sides leaving you sitting in a low pressure bubble. All the comfort and wind protection of a larger fairing without the buffeting or unstable behavior. Not that we would EVER recommend it, but we've found it works so well that you can ride down the freeway at 80mph without holding the bars.

Corbin's Trimtab FairingStability comes from control of the air flow and where it applies pressure on the fairing. The traditional windscreen takes most of the pressure forward of the steering head where it wants to push the front end to one side. Trimtab directs the wind back into a concentrated laminar flow. The highest point of pressure is the rear "flip" located behind the steering head. This actually pushes the fairing rearward and has what we call a "Rudder effect" which makes the front end very stable.

Corbin's Trimtab Fairing
The double rib along the trailing edge creates mild turbulence in the laminar airflow which reduces wind noise and buffeting. This makes the bike more comfortable to ride at higher speeds and for longer distances. Our unique design brings the fairing closer to you which keeps you in the slipstream and provides better protection. Along the top edge, we've mounted a bump pad to protect you in the case of accidental contact with the fairing. Naturally, we expect to coordinate this pad to coordinate with your Corbin saddle design.

Corbin's Trimtab FairingPlacement of the adjusting knob is front and center making it easy to reach and adjust. You can even adjust the fairing height while riding. Notice also how the included chrome brackets are designed to fit in with the look of your bike's front end for total integration. Triple plate chrome brackets and adjusting arms look great and are well suited to withstand the elements. For a clean look and simple installation, we've engineered our brackets to install easily into your stock front end components. All brackets and required hardware is included except the Loctite you will need to put on the bolts (or thread lock compound of your choice).

Corbin's Trimtab Fairing
As always, we are very pleased to bring out the latest developments and new products for the latest and greatest offerings from the motorcycle manufacturers. We know you're excited about your bike and we are extremely proud of the contributions to the elegant styling offered by Vince and the rest of the Corbin R&D skunkworks. When ordering your Trimtab adjustable fairing, don't forget to choose the leather material you would like used for the bump pad (if applicable). Use the links to the left to find your motorcycle make and model and see if we offer a Trimtab fairing for your bike.