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To determine which of our seating models is best for you, enlist the aid of a friend for measuring purposes. Put your bike on the center stand and mount it as if you were riding. Be sure you are wearing the pants you usually wear to ride in (leathers, Aerostitch suits and such can make a difference).

Now seat yourself in the posture you prefer to spend most of your time in. Have your friend measure from your backside to the FRONT of the grabrail and compare that with the information below.

Standard Canyon Dual Sport: 13 inches
Close Canyon Dual Sport: 15 inches
Smuggler saddle: 14 inches

As outlined above, the seating position on each of the saddles we have available for the ST-2 / ST-4 / ST-4s are measured from the FRONT of the grabrail. Thus, a smaller number seats you further back.

Please keep the following information in mind. You can always slide forward towards the tank when desired when riding on the Standard version. However, you can NOT slide further back than the bucket permits. Therefore, the Close version does not offer as much flexibility in riding style. It does, however, give you more passenger seating room and will give you additional support if you're sure you don't need the extra room.