Corbin Motorcycle Seats and Accessories for
Moto-Guzzi Motorcycles

Stelvio NTX

California Stone & Stone Metal


V 1100

Norge 1200, Breva 1100 & Sport 1200

Griso 8V

V1100 EV & California V1100EV

2000-2001 California Special & Bassa


California III

LeMans IV & V

LeMans I & II

LeMans I & II
Gunfighter & Lady
Love my Gunfighter! Great Looks, very comfortable. Had it eight years, 80,000 miles, lookin' good, feelin' good! Want to see it in action?

Sawbone Out!

-Jason Dowdle
1974 Custom T-Frame Roadster
Moto-Guzzi Solo Gunfighter

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