I had given up on ever being able to ride my motorcycle over 50 miles in one day because my rear end hurt too badly from the stock seat that came on my bike. I had tried everything, gel installed, a cushion on top of the seat, nothing helped. I ordered a seat from Corbin and they changed some of the features on the seat to hopefully make it more comfortable for my height and tail bone problem. I held little hope of them being able to make a seat I could be sit in for long periods. I received the seat a week earlier than promised and rode 249 miles today and not only did I have NO discomfort, after the ride I felt as good as when I left on the ride. Thank you so very much Corbin for your kindness when I ordered the seat, your prompt delivery and most of all for making my motorcycle riding experience so much better.

P.S. While on my ride today at one of our stops, two people who own Yamaha's as I do came over to me asking about the beautiful seat on my bike. They each sat on my bike and asked for the number of Corbin so they could order one immediately.

John Humphreys

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I know I've had the seat for a while...but I didn't get to really put any miles on my bike due to work/life blah blah blah until this year. I rode from Salinas down to Sun City, CA (400 miles each way) and rode around LA traffic for five days. I watched bikers riding down and around with me and noted they were moving around quite a bit on their seats. Some during the long stretches were trying to ride and stretch simultaneously. Meanwhile, I sat nice and comfy on my dual touring seat. The early morning cold meant I got to use my heaters and I stayed nice and toasty warm. The afternoon I stretched my legs out and enjoyed the sun in total comfort. My only girpe is I haven't gotten my freeway bars in yet, so my knees took a bit of a beating on a windy stretch right before the grapevine, but even after back surgery and numerous spinal injuries, I had no pain in my back or neck when I arrived in LA or when I got back home. Amazing!

Steve M. Zalazowski