Ordered the saddle on 3-19-11. It was stated on the phone that they didn't have one in stock (Hollister) and that they would have to make one. After receiving assurances that they could deliver the saddle before April 30th, the order was finalized on the phone. Received the saddle today 3-26-11 and it fits great. I have no idea if they found another one or made it fresh (still smells of fiberglass), but just wanted to pass on that it was a great surpirse and joy to receive the saddle so quickly. This is the second saddle I've ordered for my bike and the third I've ordered from the company and everytime I've had nothing but glowing reports of their service. Now when the weather clears in my area, I'm going to try out the seat and then I'll most likely post a positive feedback on how it feels.

Thanks again for a quality product.
Daniel Perry