Hi Mike,

Just want to drop a customer reply / opinion about your custom off road saddles.

Last month I purchased my 12th Corbin seat, this time for my new Yamaha WR 450F dual sport motorcycle. I just returned from four days of off road riding in and around the Mojave desert exploring dirt roads and single track trails, racking up 500 plus miles, a great ride. My Yamaha performed perfectly over those rugged miles and so did my body thanks to a well crafted seat designed especially for me, an avid off road rider for 45 years.

Most riders experience "Monkey Butt" or chaffing right where your butt meets the seat, not in my case for the last 20 years of relying on the proper fit and comfort of a Corbin product. I was ready to ride another 500 miles if time permitted.

Simply put, your off road saddles work. Lucky for you, motorcycle manufacturers have missed the boat with optimal off road seat design.

Thank you and your coworkers for providing me with a product that enables me to keep riding while other riders on stock seats are sore and lose their passion for riding. I'll be back for another Corbin saddle for my next new motorcycle!
Larry G.

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I have been riding dual purpose bikes for 40 years. In the early 70's the stock seats were not too bad, but in the 80's the big four Japanese dual purpose bikes began to have off-road seats on them that were terrible for the highway for more than 30 minutes. I have been ordering Corbin seats for dual purpose bikes for over 15 years and have never been disappointed. My latest bike, 2012 Suzuki DRZ-400 had a terrible seat that all the reviews commented on. The seat was so narrow and the bike so narrow, I did not see how Corbin could pull it off, but they did with a much wider seat that amazingly looks perfect on the bike and has the usual Corbin comfort I expect. I have had many comments, all positive on this seat and all the other Corbin seats I have had for all four Japanese dual purpose and even my Burgman 650 scooter/touring seat which was already comfortable, but I wanted the back support of the Corbin. My KTM 650 Adventure bike also has a Corbin seat which is not only comfortable but eases the vibration as well. If you have a dual purpose or adventure bike, you will be so much more comfortable on the highway, you will be able to ride for much longer stretches without taking a break. You will also be able to sit down when you get home. I know there are several options for big touring bikes and I don't know much about them since I have always had dual purpose or adventure bikes ranging from 250CC to BMW GS 1000 seats and they have all been excellent in comfort, quality and looks. Since the adventure/dual purpose bike is a fast growing market with generally poor seats, do yourself a favor and check out Corbin. They have the greatest selection by far for this market. Just call Corbin.

Desmond S.

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Dear Customer Service,

Just wanted to send your working guys out in the shop an update. I purchased a new Corbin WR250X leather seat that wasn't working very well to my desire. I sent it back to Corbin with some foam pieces taped on top the seating surface, re-contouring for what I thought would fit my desire.

I just have to tell you... you nailed it right on the head. This is one of the finest Corbin seats that I have ever owned. So, many thanks to everyone at Corbin for an excellent job in bringing back pride in true American made products. There is no one that can some close to the quality of products that I have seen made at Corbin.

Thank you again,