I thought I'd drop you a line about the seat I'd ordered for my Yamaha T-Max.

UPS delivered the seat on Tuesday, but I didn't get a chance to try it out until Saturday. Just to let you know the purpose of my T-Max is to go riding the country roads on weekends. I usually leave around 8 and get back around 6. In the past I'd go for about 2 hours then I'd need to stop and get the circulation going - then each hour thereafter - and I'd pretty well be limping for the rest of the evening.

With your seat - it was like magic! No sore bum, no limping... When I got home, I even cut the grass!

And... on the original seat, I thought the placement of the backrest was just right, but yours was a little further back. Well it's perfect. Those measurements you had me fill out are right on! I'm sitting at a more comfortable relaxed upright position, yet I feel I'm more "at the ready".

Way to go guys! I'm one happy customer!!