I previously had a Corbin seat on my 2004 FZ1 and when my wife agreed to buying the 2012 FZ1, I insisted that, if we bought the bike, we immediately order a Corbin. I bought the bike on March 15, 2012 and ordered the saddles on March 19.

The first month of riding the bike with the stock seat was tough...100 miles and a rest was needed. When the Corbin set came in, it was VERY tight and I had to shim up the brackets a little to get it on the bike for a good secure fit. However, I know that if it ever loosens up, I can always pull a shim and make it tight again. Not a bad problem to have.

It was immediately obvious on the first ride that the Corbin was far better than the stock seat and 2 months later, I rode to the tail of the dragon for an FZ1 Owner's Association Ride. 750 miles on the first day including a number of great curves after I got to NC. I could have easily ridden more, but it got dark on me.

The seat is no longer the limiting factor on rides and has clearly met the high standards that I expected from the Corbin Saddles. An outstanding product and I have recommended Corbin to many of my fellow riders. After nearly a year of use, the saddles still look and feel just as outstanding as they were new and I expect the same long life out of this set as I had on my previous FZ1.

Thank you for your outstanding product and fine workmanship!

Steven Troyer