To Mike Corbin and the rest of the team. I cannot express how incredibly satisfied that I am with my custom built seat. Julio (Outstanding Craftsman) spent the better part of the entire day, working on my seat and making it a priority to insure my backsides comfort was utmost in mine. The team that worked on my seat and the gentlemen that showed up on that day as well, was purely exceptional. I was most impressed to be able to walk the warehouse and see all the stages of seat pans and other accessories being made right in front of me. It was you are in our home and WELCOME.

It says a lot for the confidence in your products to be able to allow that. I also was blown away by Mike Corbin himself. I had a chance to talk with him for a short while about his new concept car with the latest version of the Sparrow. I didn't know that was Mike at the time. I saw him walking all over the place and smiling. I thought this guy really likes being here. I didn't find out it was Mike until I had lunch in your absolutely awesome diner and I asked the waitress if Mike was in the shop that day. She pointed him out to me and I couldn't believe that he was the kind gentleman answering my questions from before. Both the gentlemen that was there with me at store opening and I was blown away by his help and honesty about the shop and his workers.

I was fortunate to get a photo of Mike and me next to my seatless bike. My sister took the shot and even her and my other sister that showed up were very much impress by the entire operation as well.

The ride home to Oceanside was outstanding and comfortable. Please let Julio and Mike know that wherever I go, I will be a huge promoter of his products and of Julio's incredible skill sets. I even went to my motorcycle shop down here and showed off the seat to the guys in the service bay that I know (North County House of Motorcycles, Vista, CA). They all thought that the seat was one of the best that they had seen from Mike Corbin.

So my long awaited vacation, when it finally came, was a huge success in my eyes.

Once again...thank you, thank you, thank you!

* * * * * * * * * *

Bought a Corbin seat for my Triumph Explorer and have just returned from a 2,000 mile trip to Austria. What a diference it made for both myself and my wife. Instead of numb bum after an hour, we can now go until the tank needs re-filling.

Thanks for making our holiday a real pleasure.

Ian and Jackie Littlefair