I received the seat much earlier than expected. The green vinyl was much lighter than I expected. No problems thanks to Dupli-Color. I had to install .60" washers under the latch to get her to fit. As it is winter, I believe a few thousand miles will make it fit tighter. The comfort and change of position are incredible!!! After we spoke I realized there are 9 different shades of British Racing Green!!! Go figure. I love the seat and can't wait to break it in, in 2010!!!

Dave B.

* * * * * * * * * *

Hey Corbin,

We may be out of hibernation here in Western NY finally. Back in November, I ordered my Gunfighter and even though it came in earlier than expected... so did Winter. I've finally gotten some "smiles" on it!!!

I'm a happy customer... The new riding position is awesome (I'm 6'6" tall), and the seat is very comfy... I'm looking forward to warmer days with my fanny on real leather, no more hmmmmm-sweat (wink-wink).

Thanks again for a fine experience, and I am singing your praises here in the People'e Republic of New York.

Dave B.