Hello Corbin,

I am writing to tell your company that I drove in this morning and must tell you that I certainly didn't get the product quality or service I've seen posted on the internet, even read about on your site. That's right Corbin! I can't believe it, I got more! What an awesome job! What a great shop you run. The place, the people, the service are first rate! I show up and within minutes I have my bike pulled in and Gustavo greets me. A short time later he's got a new seat pan on the bike for me to try out. He gives me ample time to be sure it's good and answered all questions which led to what turned out to be a way better seat than I could have expected! I was really at ease with the whole process. Can't say enough about the service at Corbin. Even the complimentary coffee was fresh, wow, Corbin rocks! I ate breakfast at your cafe, and the food was great too! The seat was ready right after I ate! Man, what more can I say? Well plenty that's for sure! I even met Mr. Corbin while hanging out. Can you please tell him I give him the highest regard for this life's work. Well done sir, well done! I know if you could've seen the smile on this man's face as I rode home that's all I would've had to say! The bike now has a "sweet spot" instead of a "pain in the ass". Thanks much to all of you at Corbin. Cool, very cool.

William P.