I have had this seat and bags on my bike since 2004 and must say it is a quality product. The seat is a bit firmer than necessary, but comfortable none the less and the bags are strong and fit perfectly. Your product has greatly enhanced my bike. It can be viewed on FaceBook at Kawasaki ZZR-1200 site.

Thanks Corbin for a quality product,
Jeffery P.

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... The silver one is one of your best customer out of Morgan Hill.

-The Reiners

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I wanted to provide you feedback regarding one of your products. In 2002 I purchased your bags which had just gone into production for my 2002 Kawasaki ZZR1200. Your salesperson went out of his way to help me on the order. Wish I could remember his name. I had never received anything packed with such care. I enjoyed the half hour it took to unpack them. The surfaces were nicely finished, the paint perfect, and they were amazingly light in weight. The instructions were actually understandable at first glance - highly unusual, at least for me. The mounting hardware fit perfectly. Amazing. And when I subsequently asked to buy some spare nuts and bolts I was shipped a handful for no charge.

So, what service have the bags provided over seven years? Couldn't be more pleased. They hold alot. No more bags and bungies - even for long trips. They have been maintenance free, everything has stayed tightly attached on their own - no bags bouncing down the road in the rear view mirror, they are out of the airstream resulting in no paint chips, the paint still perfectly matches that of the bike, and the lines of the bags have significantly enhanced the look of the bike - highly uncommon when adding after market items.

You later went out of your way to customize the shape of a seat for me. Almost doubled comfortable time in the saddle. I still go out to the garage to look at the bike, bags, and seat. Beautiful. Do I sound satisfied?

Jim Meland