My '05 Triumph Speedmaster with Corbin seats and back rest.

-Joe Mills

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Little diffucult to get mounted, but the end result is perfect. Very well made, beautiful.

Travis was great to work with on the customer service side.

Great product.
Dean H Van Arsdale

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Don't know if you ever get feedback regarding your seats, but wanted to share my complete satisfaction with my new seats and your company's customer service. I received the seats in great condition & was very impressed with the quality of workmanship. I had no problems attaching both the rider seat and the passenger pillion to my 2006 Triumph Speedmaster where they really look great! The understated Corbin logo on the lower side of the rider seat is a nice touch. So far I've only logged about 300 miles on the new rider seat, but it is a huge improvement over the stock Triumph saddle. Now I can actually ride over 30 miles at a stretch without looking for a place to pull over and get the circulation back in my butt. Please count me as a very satisfied customer!

Charles Brockway

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LOVE my Corbins... I was reluctant to go with Corbin... I had heard stories... well I can't speak for all of your seats but I can speak for mine.

I ordered mine from CC Saddlebags... was quoted 3 weeks delivery + they arrived here in 18 days. After 2400 miles of riding + several 3 hour sittings with not the slightest hint of discomfort I can say mine are EXTREEMLY comfortable. The way the solo hugs my ass is incrediable ( my wife loves hers also ). It is my opinion the solo's style is the icing on the cake for the bike's eye catching appearance! If there actually is a break in period I sure didn't notice it as mine felt 100 percent right from day one.

Riding with an ear to ear grin
Dave Mullin