Just did 9000 miles in 5 1/2 weeks on my Vulcan 1600 Classic with my new Corbin seat. Didn't squirm once. Worth twice what I paid for it.

Paul Laporte

* * * * * * * * * *

Suckers! Yeah - Those folks who don't look at the "HOT" items and then see "FREE STUFF". There must have been a bunch of them already when I saw the note just a little after getting my left over 2003 Vulcan 1600 Classic last year. I went looking for a few items, and got to the Corbin site. 'New Items' - hey, let's check there. Free stuff - yeah, what, a ball cap or T-shirt? No - a bit more. Vince and his R&D team gave me, after they created it for the Vulcan, a FREE TrimTab, FREE Rumble Seat and a FREE set of Beetle Bags.

Then because it took a bit longer to get everything done (waited for the photographer I think), Vince included another FREE seat that I actually had my heart set on in the first place, the Dual Tourer. So I had to leave the bike there for a while - sort of hurt not riding right at the end of the season, but all the new stuff really made up for it.

Man - all those folks who live close enough and didn't even check out the section... want to see what you missed out on? Take a look at the Kawasaki section, and go to the Vulcan, then the 1600. See that silver-gray bike? That's MY bike! The bags are awesome! HUGE amount of storage. The Rumble seat makes that bike look so cool. Both seats that I was given are heated, and being someone that will ride most of the year, that's a nice feature (the Dual Tourer is actually front AND rear heated, but haven't had a passenger that wanted to brave the cold). The backrest with the Dual Tourer is fantastic. Folds forward to mount the bike if I'm using it. Easily adjustable for either rider or passenger. And the Trim tab not only does a really good job, but gets tons of looks and compliments!

I've been showing this thing off left and right. Plan to put a bunch of miles on it this season. I've also been taking a bunch of pictures.

Thanks Vince and crew and everyone else at Corbin!
Marc Stevenson

* * * * * * * * * *

I really like this seat. The stock seat would hurt my bum after a hundred miles but with this seat I did a hundred mile trip one direction then in two hours returned and never stopped the whole hundred miles. With the floorboards and seat its like sitting in an easy chair. Considering I had an accident 20 years ago that broke my sacrum in three pieces and I have a hard time sitting for any period of time thats saying a lot.

Thanks for building a good seat.
Raymond A. Herr

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We want to thank you for your parts donations on our Metric Makeover bike during this seasonís Corbin Ride On segments. This Makeover should begin towards the end of May on Speed, Tuesday nights at 9:30PM EST.

It was a very successful build taking the stock 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Classic and transforming it to our final product. Iíve attached a few photos for your reference. If you would like larger size images for any marketing applications, please donít hesitate to contact me.

Pam Proctor
J&P Cycles, Inc.

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I am very very pleased with my Corbin dual touring seat. Before I was only able to ride 45 minutes tops before a butt break. I now can ride 4 hours + without issues. I did have a pinched nerve in my left leg in no time riding, now it doesn't bother me. The customer service was awesome in helping me decide where to put the two different leathers. Thank you for your advice. Best money I ever spent!!!

Andrew Good