Dear Corbin:

I purchased a brand new 2006 Suzuki DRZ400S at the beginning of August 2007. Upon riding my first break-in 120 miles, I quickly found out that the stock Suzuki seat was a killer. I got off the bike after that and did not ride for 1.5 weeks due to tail bone pain. My search for a new custom seat started on that day.

After researching many custom seat sites, I continued to come back to Corbin due to several reasons. 1) The Corbin DRZ400S was one of the best looking, 2) The price of the Corbin seat was competitive with all others I had reviewed and was cheaper than several seats, 3) Cobin had a 2-3 week turnaround instead of 3 months.

I finally decided to go with the Corbin DRZ400S seat. I got it back in about 2 weeks and put it on my new bike that same day. I then proceeded to ride the bike about 75 miles. At first, I had wondered if I had made a mistake since the Corbin seat was very firm. However, after about 30 miles, the seat begin to form to my person and started to become comfortable. Upon return of the 75 mile trip, I noticed that I had very little seat fatigue. There was some due to vibration but my previous crippling tail bone pain was gone!

Thank you Corbin for making a product that not only looks great but fits great. The seat was a PERFECT fit to my Suzuki DRZ400S. I personally feel the seat is worth every penny.

Fontana, CA.

* * * * * * * * * *

Your seat was the first change I made to my new DRZ-400S. I ordered it after one ride on the stock seat. The bike is used exclusively for Dual Sport riding. I live in Atwater, CA and ride in the Sierra's. I average about 200 miles on each ride. I have ridden over Sonora Pass and Tioga Pass into Nevada and have ridden in Baja. Most rides require up to 8 hours in the saddle. You make a great seat. After a year and a half of riding, it looks like new. I have recommended your product to riding buddies who suffer from "Monkey Butt".

I have one suggestion, the TV ads that I have seen on your products are geared to cruiser riders. You might want to add that you make products for all types of motorcycles.

A very satisfied customer,
Mark Lancaster

* * * * * * * * * *

Hi Theron,

I meant to send a reply back in July, the saddle is awesome. Suzuki should be installing Corbin saddles on their DRZ400S as stock. The shipping using the Post Office was exact cost shipping and it arrived when you said it would.The fit is excellent, so I thought it would be nice to tell you I am very happy with Corbin.

Anyway, I just want to say thank you!

Glen Miller

* * * * * * * * * *

BRAVO! The seat arrived today and installed very easily. It's fantastic! I can touch the ground with confidence and bike handles much better with a lower center of gravity negating my plans to lower the suspension. My only regret is that I did not order last year before the price increase. Again, great product and thanks for your attention to detail. I can't wait to hit the trails this weekend!

Tim Eklin

* * * * * * * * * *

First of all... Great Product!

I was pleasantly surprised to receive my seat in a little over a week after ordering and being quoted a reasonable 2-3 week delivery time... And, this shipment has to be the best-packed piece of motorcycle equipment I have ever received, bar none... Absolutely no worries about damage in transit! (the packaging alone must cost more than the $25 I paid for shipping).

Fit and finish are perfect, and in reference to the question of the seat working with the Suzuki OEM accessory rear rack, the only noticeable difference is that you use thicker mounting tabs than stock so the rear rack mounting arms need to be slightly spread (by hand) when fitting the seat. It's snug, but not much trouble to fit.

Steve Johnston

* * * * * * * * * *

I am very happy with my Corbin seat on my DRZ400S. Due to past back, leg, hip, and hernia surgeries, there's no way I can ride on a dual sport stock seat. It's like butt floss!

Thanks to the WIDE Corbin seat, both my pelvic bones can actually be supported at the same time, and this allows me to enjoy the back-roads all day long.

A. M.

* * * * * * * * * *

You did it!!!! You put a rush job on my seat for my drz and I got it in time for me to take on my vacation. It looks great and my bike worked better. I have four cycles, I now have Corbin seats on 3 of them. Thanks for making it happen Marissa :)

Dale Moyer

* * * * * * * * * *

I have been riding dual purpose bikes for 40 years. In the early 70's the stock seats were not too bad, but in the 80's the big four Japanese dual purpose bikes began to have off-road seats on them that were terrible for the highway for more than 30 minutes. I have been ordering Corbin seats for dual purpose bikes for over 15 years and have never been disappointed. My latest bike, 2012 Suzuki DRZ-400 had a terrible seat that all the reviews commented on. The seat was so narrow and the bike so narrow, I did not see how Corbin could pull it off, but they did with a much wider seat that amazingly looks perfect on the bike and has the usual Corbin comfort I expect. I have had many comments, all positive on this seat and all the other Corbin seats I have had for all four Japanese dual purpose and even my Burgman 650 scooter/touring seat which was already comfortable, but I wanted the back support of the Corbin. My KTM 650 Adventure bike also has a Corbin seat which is not only comfortable but eases the vibration as well. If you have a dual purpose or adventure bike, you will be so much more comfortable on the highway, you will be able to ride for much longer stretches without taking a break. You will also be able to sit down when you get home. I know there are several options for big touring bikes and I don't know much about them since I have always had dual purpose or adventure bikes ranging from 250CC to BMW GS 1000 seats and they have all been excellent in comfort, quality and looks. Since the adventure/dual purpose bike is a fast growing market with generally poor seats, do yourself a favor and check out Corbin. They have the greatest selection by far for this market. Just call Corbin.

Desmond S.