I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my new Corbin seat. I rode 240 miles yesterday and when I got off the bike, I felt as if I could ride another 240 miles.

Greg P.

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Dear Sir,

I received my Corbin saddle a few weeks ago. However I wanted to use it before I made any comments about it. I now feel that my comments are more in keeping with my own knowledge.

First, I must say that the time to receive the saddle was at least two weeks sooner than expected. Great!

The look and workmanship excellent. Fitting to the motorcycle was as easy as putting on the factory seat. Even better. The front of the seat fit better than the factory model for a cleaner, more pleasing look and finish.

Since I have not been able to ride the "break in" miles yet, my comment about seat comfort might be bias, but so far it is extremely comfortable. When riding I feel more "one" with the cycle. Something like being in a cockpit of a plane or race car. This I think helps to make one feel more in control and safer as a rider. (no slip and slide in the turns)

The only negative thing I can say is "Why didn't I buy one sooner?"

Thank you for such a great product, great look, and great service. Should I ever get a new bike, I will order a Corbin saddle right away.

Thanks again.

Guy R. Thomas
El Paso, TX