Got my seat on Saturday, September 20th, left for Santa Monica, California on Monday, September 22nd, rode to Solvang on Tuesday and got back Wednesday to Las Vegas. A little over 1000 miles in the three days. Mostly freeway, a lot of highway, Angeles Crest twisties and plenty of city riding.

I just got the Griso, so I knew the 3 day trip would point out all the things I need to change. I'm 63 years young and a big guy, so ergonomics are very important.

After three days in the saddle, the only part of me that wasn't tired was my butt. What I noticed is that while I did get tired of sitting, there was not the cumulative tired most bike seats cause. When I stopped for gas, I could get right back on the road without needing to rest as much. On my other bikes, I am usually in near agony by the time I get home from SoCal.

The side benefit is the reaction to the seat from others. My Griso is a Special Edition, the green version with the brown seat. It is a tribute to Moto Guzzi racer Omobono Tenni, who was a racing champion in the 50's and whose bikes had the same color scheme. Your "Bomber Jacket" brown is stunning, even better than the factory seat. It has gotten raves from everyone who sees it.

My trip to SoCal was primarily to meet up with the Moto Guzzi Falcone club riders, who brought their vintage Guzzis from Italy to ride in California. They wre highly impressed with the bike and the seat.

So consider this feedback a glowing praise of the seat and the service.

Tim Crump