I bought this seat hoping I would feel a real difference when riding. When I recieved the seat I thought to myself "it looks exactly the same as stock, how can it be better?" Well when comparing the two side my side, the stock is super soft with no support. The Corbin is much more firm, but you think it's a bad thing? NO!

When riding I haven't been so comfortable since I started riding last year, long rides or short! I have a bulging disc in my back lingering from a car accident two years ago. I would usually feel uncomfortable on the stock seat after 30-40 minutes, or sooner if not stopping (highway).

This seat has completely take my pain away while riding due to its excellent support! I couldn't have been happier with the seat! Both comfort and style are on point. I got the black snakeskin design and does it ever look sick! This review is no joke people, I had to let you know how greatly Corbin has helped me.

Go Corbin, and thank you; I will NEVER ride without one!!!!