Hi Marissa,

We spoke several weeks ago when you wanted to clarify the type of seat I wanted. Your suggestions were perfect and the product, which I received several days ago, is exactly as you said it would be. I have ridden several times in excess of three hours and for the first time in months, I enjoyed a pain free, comfortable ride.

The Kawasaki Z1000's stock seat is not built for longer rides and your product has allowed me to fully enjoy the bike's potential. Thank you again for your suggestions and for offering such a fine product.

Best Regards,
Ted C.

* * * * * * * * * *


My wife and I were there last Tuesday for our new Spyder seat. We were really impressed by all your staff and felt very welcomed. Freddie did a fantastic job! Please tell him again for us. We rode over 400 miles on Wednesday to get back home. The seat was just awesome. Jennifer is really thrilled to be able to see the road ahead again. We are not twisties riders so extra height on her seat doesn't make her feel off-balance. Wonder how much better it will ride when "broken in"! In all my anxiety, I forgot to ask what you recommend as a leather treatment. The Spyder is always garaged, but leather needs it's care.

The Honda 250 [in the showroom] really brought back memories. My first motorcycle was a 1962, 150cc Honda of like style.

Sending you the pics I took. Feel free to use them as you wish.

Dudley and Jennifer Stelly

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I ordered the standard black leather front saddle about 2000 miles ago and I love it. First of all the people at Corbin are very knowledgeable, kind, curtious and there to help in any way. I was very impressed with both the sales team and the seat. The seat is firm and after riding a while, you will understand it should be. Just as they said it just keeps getting better with every mile. I just completed a 700 mile trip that I could never have done with my stock seat. I now can run out a complete tank at 160 miles in one sitting where my stock seat was grooling at a 50 mile stretch. The quality and fit of the produt is exceptional! I will be sitting on Corbin seats on all my bikes in the future.

Thanks Corbin.

David Schumacher