I am finally finished with my scooter - I had 6 weeks delay because I had to go and work in Dubai, that totally stuffed up my programme. Actually I am about 95% finished (is it ever?) because there are some bits and pieces here which need tweaking and "polishing" BUT in any case ... with great pride and even a greater sense of achievement may I introduce you please to the Mak Machine.

The seat draws an enormous amount of interest; the paint job colour does not come through too well on pictures - what else is new - but it is a Nissan colour which is virtually the same colour as the Cadillac Escalade diamond pearl (or so). My colour is Aspen Pearl and it looks fantastic in real life. I will get some proper photographs taken when I get back (am off to Vienna to see my parents for a week or so) and will then send a set of pic to each of my 23 suppliers. More when I get back ... thanks again for everything to you and the entire crew at corbin and I really hope you enjoy it.

Most sincerely
Mak (happy beyond description!)

* * * * * * * * * *

I got this in the gray snakeskin. It turned out beautiful. The seat really dresses up the motorcycle. It looks AWESOME. This is the third Corbin seat our family has purchased, we are very happy with them. If I could find a windshield bag to match, it would really set it off nice.

Thank you,
Karen C.