Hi Sergio,

I received the smuggler trunk today from UPS. Thank you for the prompt fulfillment!!

The box arrived fine - kudos to your shipping department for the great packing job. The paint color match and finish work is excellent - kudos to the guy in the booth.

Otherwise, I'm initially pleased with the product. It is smaller in real life than it appears on the website. I thought the 8 liter of storage capacity would accommodate my 1 quart coffee thermos, but it does not. The box is not quite tall enough and the lid latch closes into the space, oh well, I will devise a smaller work-around for my coffee.

Best Regards,
Gary L.

* * * * * * * * * *

Received seat quickly and the quality is great. Worth every penny. The seat is a huge improvement to the stock seat. Completely satisfied!

Joe Waterloo