After a couple of thousand miles on the saddle, myself and the hunny got nothing but praise to give it. No wishy washy pillow feeling, hot spots seem to be a thing of the past, have not had one since switching. It definitely lowered my seating position by two to three inches which is a plus in my book, which by default raised the passenger seating by the same.

Construction of the saddle is outstanding, and if I compare the construction of it with the OEM two-up, I would have to say it is out of this world outstanding. Actually, I would be degrading Mr Corbin by even comparing the two. Being in the construction trades myself, my analogy of the basepan would be Corbin = 3/4" plywood, OEM = 1/4" masonite...

On my OEM seat, two of the cushy rubber bumpers pushed their way right through my basepan leaving just big holes in it, piss poor quality. Guess I am venting a little bit for spending hundreds of dollars on an inferior product, when I could have purchased this saddle way back when. Simply put folks, if you're thinking of changing your two up seat, you will not be disappointed going for a true "Saddle". Giddy-up. Oh, and don't forget to order the backrests.

Kudos to Mr Corbin.

Stay Happy,
Harry C.