Rumble Seat
Form and Function Beautifully United

If you are familiar with Mike Corbin or the Corbin marque, you're probably already aware that since 1968 Mike Corbin has amassed over sixty United States Patents. Most of these patents apply to unique products or designs like the Rumble Seat you're reading about now. Aptly named after the automotive setup where a passenger seat was recessed into the back of a coupe or roadster and the lid of the "trunk" opened to form the back of the seat.

Back in the early `90s Mike built the first Rumble Seat fitted to a motorcycle. Since that time we've adapted and perfected the application into the models you see today. In essense, the Rumble seat has an entire sissy bar assembly built INSIDE the saddle for a very clean appearance. Holding a patent of its own, the internal spring indexed hinge mechanism keeps the backrest in the proper up or down position as needed.

In general this model provides excellent short to mid-range comfort for your passengers. When opened, the seating area provides between 70 - 100 square inches of body contact area depending on the model. The flip up backrest gives your passenger and average of 10 inches of vertical back support. When riding solo, the fold down backrest provides a smooth, flowing look that integrates well with the lines of the bike.

Rumble Seat is an exclusive Corbin design and is protected by two United States Patents. US Patent #4,953,911 and #6,971,714.