Integrated Molding
Exclusive Materials and a Patented Process

One of the main reasons Corbin saddles have been so popular over the years is because the technology under the saddle's cover is in constant development. New models and improved features require constant diligence on the part of the factory to assure each product lives up to the original design. Integrated molding was the missing link between design concepts and actual production.

In a nutshell we've taken the components of the saddle and combined (integrated) the molds into one unit. Brackets and backrest hardware is placed in the mold where the basepan is created around it. The mold itself dictates the shape of the base and placement of the hardware while creating a clean rounded edge in the exact same shape every time.

This same mold is then used to cast our infinite-ratio Comfort Cell foam into the ergonomic shape common to Corbin seats. This process takes place on a tight schedule while the Fibertech base material is still at a curing stage. This creates a chemical bond between base and foam that helps keep the crafted shape intact under heavy use.

Integrated Molding has created a process so consistant it gave our R&D team the freedom to design for a more precision fit. Extremely tight tolerances allow the seat shape to fit every arc and curve of your motorcycle like never before. It also enabled us to introduce a host of new features like Chrome V-Rails, fold down backrest hardware, heater inserts and our new Ovalbac model backrests.