Corbin Adjustable Backrest
Another Corbin Invention

Corbin backrests are designed to install and remove easily so you can use a single backrest transferred front to back as needed or get two for full time use. Just slide the backrest shaft into the hardware contained inside the saddle and lock it in place with a single safety screw.

Backrests adjust to rider profile easily without removing the rest from the seat. In some saddles we incorporate special hardware in the front position that allows the backrest to fold down to ease mounting the bike. This hardware also allows you to position the backrest fore and aft to suit your stature.

Of course, all backrests are made to coordinate with your Corbin saddle in your choice of materials. Ovalbac models also have finishing plate options for the rear to add a bit more flair. Need a little storage? Check out Corbin's new Glovebox that bolts directly up to your backrest in place of the finishing plate and adds four liters of storage!