I am THRILLED with Corbin Saddles, moe than thrilled and as always, I'll be posting props and my good results anytime an opportunity comes up on forums about seats. I spoke with Jessica in sales about getting the new corrected seat and she was very pleasant and helpful. I asked her if I could speak with a person involved in the seat change to ensure I would see and feel differences since I love everything about my present seat, the height, position, look etc. She had Freddie Amezcua call me, the guy who worked on the change and he was SUPER helpful. A very pleasant and knowledgeable guy. I'm getting the heated elements on my new seat and Freddie helped me on that. He helped me understand how the heated elements fit into the seat and the two options for hooking it up which I really appreciated. Freddie had done some experimenting with leaving the seat on, turning off the bike and removing the FOB from the area. The seat turns off after 5 minutes and will not go back on even if the FOB returns. The bike has to be turned back on. If the FOB stays in the area after shutting off the bike and the seat is on, thae battery could be drained in time.

I just wanted to pass on my priase Mike. I could not have gotten better service. I am so happy! Fellow riders will be hearing about this!

Michael Crowley