Well, it's been two years since I picked up my custom seat for my vintage bike, 1980 Honda CB900C. I have put on several tens of thousand kilometers since then and have absolutely enjoyed every klick. I was able to have my seat shipped ground to Fox Creek Leather in Virginia where I intercepted it on my tour back then to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Spent one week touring the ridge and the general area on this lovely piece of art work, drawing many "nice bike - nice saddle" comments.

Once I had installed it in the parking lot of the Grayson hotel in Independence, VA where I was staying, I knew two things right off. One, it was simple to do as I used only my on-board-tools and second, it took the appearance of the bike to a higher level. It added a touch of vintage class - no doubt about it. That was reinforced from comments over the next two years of daily use.

Since that day in Independence, it has weathered sun, rain, more rain and even snow. The saddle looks even better with time, Montana's oil and buffing.

I am looking forward to the next 50,000 kilometers plus!

Corbin Team - job well done.

James R.
Hanover, Ontario

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Thanks for the excellent job your California store did on my new seat. It came out great and I think looks much better than the seat you currently have on display on your site.

Thought perhaps you could use this...

Richard Ashton

As a matter of fact, we did need that! Thanks!