I picked up a beat-up 1984 Honda Nighthawk with 71,000 miles on from a local classified ad for next to nothing. Mechanically, the bike rode fine, but the seat was shot from being left outside for 30 years. It had been re-covered several times and the seat pan was on its last legs from so many home staple jobs.

To my amazement, Corbin was still offering a replacement seat for an old obscure model. I rode up to Hollister and enjoyed the process of having the seat sculpted precisely for my particular fanny.

Some folks thought I was nuts for buying a premium aftermarket seat for an old beater bike, but after 10,000 miles on the seat, my keister will tell you it was worth every penny. I can easily log hundreds of miles a day without fatiguing my buns. The leather has held up beautifully, a quick rub with some saddle soap and it looks as good as it did when I pulled out of the factory bay. The replacement pan actually comes on and off the bike a little easier than the original pan because the original had become worn out of spec. The Corbin pan fit like a glove, which is amazing for any aftermarket part.

The staff was great, the product is great and I got to take a great ride down California Highway 25 on the east side of Pinnacles National Monument to boot. I plan to buy Corbin the next time I need a new seat and would recommend them highly.

Santa Barbara, CA