I have bought dozens of Corbin seats for the long list of bikes I have owned since the early 80's and have always been pleased with the quality, service and functionality of each one.

I recently traded my 2010 FLHTC on a new 2012 TriGlide and since the Electra Glide seat would not fit the trike (different basepan), I needed to find a resolution to the dreaded discomfort of the stock Harley seats.

I narrowed my choice to either a Harley "air seat" or a replacement Corbin, like I had, and after weighing all of the "pros and cons", I decided to stick with Corbin.

I owned a Harley "air seat" on one of my previous bikes and although it was comfortable, the Corbin just made more sense in the long run, plus the initial price was comparible when you added the heat option to the Corbin, which is not available on the "air seat".

My almost 30 years of dealing with Corbin, as well as buying seats from most of the other competitors, has convinced me that there is no better quality, long term comfort and value than a Corbin Seat.

Great Job!
Rudy Johnson