Yo Chuck, I won the prize last year in Sept., instantly bought a seat for my fatboy. Wow, what a great seat. This old dude has been riding scoots since I was 16 and I am now 60 with two ruptured discs... Never rode sar far, so fast with no pain.

Corbin seats rock, My wife Ditto.

Love your attitude on our Heros, the vets. God bless them and all of you!

Don "Gypsy" Williams

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I just wantd to let you know how happy I am with my new Dual Tour seat. I am 5'6" so when I got my new Fatboy I figured I would have to make some modifications. I could barely ride 50 miles before I would have a terrible backache. The bike was a little tall, the seat a little wide and the controls a little too far away. I figured once I got my seat I would still have to switch my bars and possibly lower my bike. When I spoke to Vincent he assured me that Corbin could build a seat that would address all of these issues. I was so amazed when I got my seat. It was so beautiful, easy to install and so comfortable. While it is a very firm seat, it is the most comfortable seat I have ever used. And the best part is, I did not need to make any other modifications to my bike. I really didn't think that a seat could make the fit change so drastically, but you can if it's a custom seat. I rode 200-300 miles a day on my vacation in that seat and never got a "numb butt" or any pressure points. I never had any vibration come through my seat, it was amazing. I felt like I was on a different bike and all I changed was the seat. i would tell anyone who is trying to customize the fit of their bike to start with a Corbin seat first. It might be the only thing you will need to change to get comfortable.

Although a custom seat seamed a little more expensive upfront, it really ended up saving me money because I didn't have to change out my handle bars and I didn't have to lower my Bike. I have a perfect fit and best of all I maintained the look and geometry of my Fatboy. It's comfortable and handles perfectly. I would never put any other kind of seat on my bike. It's simply the best! Thanks again!

Tina D.