Just wanted to drop you a line and share my experience with one of your saddles. I bought my bike new in 2004. A buddy of mine and I decided to take a little trip. After about 1100 miles on the stock seat, my butt felt like I had been sitting on a 4 x 4!! When I got home, I started looking around for seats. I had seen yours at the state rally that we attended. After some further research, I decided to go with the Corbin. Now, after 78,000 miles, I am still as pleased with the saddle as I was when I received it. It has maintained true to form, leather has held up amazing and the overall ride is second to none. Even to this day, when I get on to go, I smile to myself and just feel "comfy". Well done on making a truly amazing product. I don't think I'll ever need another one as this one will never wear out, but if I do, it will be a Corbin.

Thanks again,
Jerry M.