I originally ordered a Gunfighter and Lady model for my bike from the Florida store. When it arrived it just didn't fit on the bike right in several areas, as though it wasn't quite the right seat or something. The nose sat high off the rear of the tank and the rear seat screw was so high off the seat that I had to bend it down. Plus the seat was so long that I could only barely fit it in front of the factory sissy bar. But the biggest issue was that it placed the rider too far forward for comfort. Frankly, I was disappointed since a buddy has this same seat and his fits his FXR perfectly. Mine was obviously different. In October, I decided it was worth a second try so I returned it to the Hollister store with a sketch of rather extensive adjustments I was looking for. In early December I called to check the status of my order and talked to JR. I told him that I recognized that I was asking for extensive labor and that if it helped simplify matters, I would be fine with a regular Gunfighter model, since that would solve all my issues except the rider position and I didn't really need the passenger pillion anyway. He said the rider position change was easy and he'd look into the seat.

Today, I received a new standard Gunfighter model with the rider position shifted back one inch as requested. This seat fits the bike perfectly, front to rear. I mean perfectly! Just like my friends seat. Maybe better than factory HD. The riding position is now great as well. This thing is beautiful.

Thanks to everyone at Corbin for their service. Thanks to JR for allowing the swap and thanks to Roxanna for all her order status updates. Now this seat, is the seat I was looking for.

Mike P.