Just received my custom build seat for my 2007 HD-FXDSE. As I unpacked the carefully wrapped package, excitement increased. I was impressed and WOWED! It matches my bike perfectly. The quality is show class. I will have to wait a couple weeks before installing as the bike is getting some tuning and I was concerned with possible dirty coveralls staining the gold thread stitching. On return I will however take before and after photos which I will send to Corbin. Thanks to everyone for the care and superb quality for every part of the build process.

Steffan Varnel
Calgary, Canada

* * * * * * * * * *

Hey all, just wanted to let you know my seat arrived and it looks beautiful. Went on in a snap and the V-rail is awesome looking. The stitching and material top of the line.

I called in a few weeks ago to order a seat. I did lots of research and decided Corbin, but I did not want to wait for custom time frame. Lucky for me they had one in stock. I did have to call back a couple times and good thing since the seat I thought I was getting was not it. They had me getting a brown one, not the black I ordered. I did talk to a Tech Rep. and he changed all the information and got the right one ordered. This one had no studs, but I told thim no problem send them to me, I will have them done. He said he was going to throw in a bottle of conditioner for my delay. Seat arrived yesterday and to my surprise the studs were on the seat. Thanks So Much!!! And I still got the conditioner! Like I said, looks great and it is suppose to be 60 this weekend in Colorado, so guess what I will be doing? Time to break it in!

Thanks All!
Jill Brake

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I posted feedback on my G&L after I bought it a few years back. Still love it and I think that Corbin makes the best seats. Recently, my brother was considering a seat purchase for his Fat Boy and I told him to look beyond the hype and soft feel of other brands. What feels good to the hand isn't what feels good to your seat. The common thing I always hear is "Corbin seats feel too hard".

Well, after telling him that I was about to give up my bike because of butt/back/leg pain, I bought a Corbin seat and all of that went away. Not only does the seat look great, it feels even better! Yup, firm is better!

When he told me that he ordered a Dual Tour for his bike based on my recommendation, I thought "oh crap - if he doesn't like it, I'll never hear the end of it!" He got the seat, mounted it and rode from S. Carolina to Daytona for Bike Week. When he got here, he told me that it was the BEST seat he ever felt and told me that I was right. I told him that I knew how to make the experience even better and loaned him my GF Backrest. After riding with that for two days, he went to Corbin and bought the Ovalbac Backrest too. His return trip to SC was even better than the trip down with all of the Corbin Goodies.

Buying a seat is a tough decision since it's substantial cash outlay. I can assure everyone that you WILL NOT go wrong buying a Corbin seat! I'm in the process of replacing my 2007 XL1200C with my G&L (too bad it won't fit the 2013 Switchback), but I've already decided that I'm going to buy a Dual Tour for that bike ASAP. You folks make seats that not only look great, but they feel even better! The longer you ride, the better it feels. Well, now I'm not hearing the end of it from my brother, but at least it's the best recommendation he hever got.

BTW - I'm almost out of conditioner :-)

Gary Kalata