Hey Guys!

Just a quick email to THANK YOU for your GREAT customer service and EXCELLENT product! I am exceptionally happy and 100% satisfied with the seat conversion you guys completed for me this past summer!

Here is the short of it which I hope you guys can share with other customers on your web page to exemplify exactly what your outfit is capable of doing for your customers.

I had gone through 5 different seats before realizing you guys offered the service of redoing an existing seat and when I saw what you guys could do, I jumped at the opportunity! Being 5'7" makes it tough to find a saddle that fits perfectly right out of the box and your "conversion" service to move me forward and lower has worked out PERFECTLY! I can't believe how well your reworked saddle fits me now! I am ecstatic - seriously!

I can't remember all the names of your staff who helped me out, but I talked to like 3-4 different folks on your end because I kept changing my mind of the specifics of what I wanted done and every single time, your guys were super patient and completely accommodating to me!

A genuine and sincere THANK YOU again for all your efforts!

John George Rose III