I purchased a 2009 HD Street Glide at the beginning of 2009 and immediately ordered a Classic Solo seat, pillion and backrest pad. I received the seat and took off a few days later from Texas to Daytona Bike Week. The seat seamed to fit my backside just as if it were custom made just for me. It is extremely comfortable. Our trip home from Daytona started with a 700 mile day in less than 12 hours. I experienced only comfort, no pain, no stiffness, no discomfort, no numbness even to the point of being refreshed and ready for more miles. Since that trip, I have made several other long runs to Red River, NM, Estes Park, CO and have the same pleasurable experience regarding the comfort of your seat.

Thank you,

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Just a quick note to let you know I crossed the finish line in Homer, Alaska on July 2nd - - Although I didn't win, I made it in one piece as did my motorcycle.

I want to thank everyone at Corbin for their support. The Classic Solo seat outperformed my expectations, the stock Harley seat fatigued me after only a couple hundred miles - - After 8,000 plus miles of North America's most demanding roads, "ass fatigue" was NEVER a factor in my performance. You would think when you pay over $20,000 for a motorcycle that a Corbin seat would be standard equipment or at least an option.

A Hoka Hey 2011 has been announced from San Diego to Nova Scotia. Of course I will be competing and no matter what motorcycle I will be riding it will have a Corbin seat.

Thanks again,

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Hey Guys,

Just a quick note to say WOW! ! ! ! ! ! I can't believe how much difference this Corbin seat is over the stock one I've been using FOR YEARS! ! ! ! The ride in service was excellent too!

Love it! ! ! ! !

Chuck P.

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Hi Janice,

Open Road Harley Davidson dealer, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, showed me my seat since it was repadded. I thank you and Corbin very much for repadding my seat. I truly appreciate that you would do this for me. Even Open Road thought highly that you looked after your customer. They are now letting other customers know Corbin seats is another option.

Thank you once again. I can't wait till the salt gets off the road first part of April, so I can try my newly padded seat.

Sandy Briese

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Finally found a seat I can ride on for more than one day. Very well constructed and looks great on the bike. In time the seat did form to my shape. I am very pleased with the product and can recommend it to others.

Grant Gordon